Ruffy and Coby


Original Air Date June 12, 2011
Japanese Viewers (Millions) 16.77
Rank (Week) 5
Production Code 1314

Some episodes focus on the story, driving the characters through the relentless crazy plot of One Piece. Some episodes focus on cool battles featuring beautiful animations. Some episodes are nostalgic. Tonight's episode was all of that.
Last episode left us with a Ruffy in rage; using a drug that will shorten his life in order to save Ace. This episode, it seems as if only a few steps are seperating him from Ace, and I was already asking myself how they would enlengthen the struggle without letting it become cheesy, considering the last three episodes were slightly worse than the start of the season as they felt too long drawn-out.
In contrast to that, "Ruffy and Coby" prooves that the production staff, TOEI ANIMATION, is capable of handling this big conflict much better than they showed during the last three episodes. "Ruffy and Coby" focuses on a relationship that we knew since episode one, the relationship betwenn Ruffy and Coby. And even though the characters do not even exchange a single word in this episode, it seems as if they are having a deep emotional struggle with themselves. I thought a single punch drawn out over about 5 minutes in such an exciting way would be impossible; but I was prooved wrong.
The episode ends with Ruffy heading towards Ace, and it seems as if the summit of the conflict is drawing nearer. I'm really excited for next week's episode.

Important Incidents:
- Ruffy gains new Power thanks to Emporio Ivankov
- Coby is unable to stop Ruffy
- Ruffy gets nearer to the Scaffold