Season Episodes Originally aired U.S. viewers
Season premiere Season finale
1 8 January 28, 2013 March 18, 2013
2 10 January 20, 2014 March 31, 2014
Season 1 (2012)
# Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
1 1 "Pilot" Michael Cuesta Howard Gordon January 28, 2013 1.47
Helios' Company Man Rhys travels to Pandora to buy a Vault Key alongside his best friend Vaughn. During the transaction, they are attacked by a bunch of psychos who eventually steal the Vault Key. Vault Hunter Lilith and Rhys team up to track them down and aquire the Vault Key. They track the Psychos to Fyrestone, where they meet Dr. Zed. Together, they come up with a plan to retrieve the Vault Key. 
2 2 "Cry Blue Murder" Rian Johnson Howard Gordon February 4, 2013 1.03
After scouting a nearby psycho camp, Rhys, Vaughn and Lilith decide to interrogate the leader. After successfully infiltrating the camp, they track down the leader and begin to question him. It is revelealed that the Vault Key was given to a psycho warlord called "Nine-Toes". Eventually the rest of the camp is alarmed and a firefight ensues. The group manages to escape by using a vehicle and have to escape a group of enraged Skags. Back in Fyrestone, they share their learnings with Dr. Zed who tells them to contact a man called "Steve". 
3 3 "Eyelet" Scott Winant Barbara Hall February 11, 2013 1.11
After fighting off a bunch of Skags, the group eventually arrives at a fortified house. Through an eyelet, they have a chat with "Steve", who knows where the group can find Nine-Toes, but wants the group to do him a favor first. The group has to take down the psycho warmonger "Bone Head" who has been terrorizing Steve for months. Eventually, the group travels to Bone Heads warcamp and Vaughn comes up with a plan to take him down. 
4 4 "Crossfire" Rian Johnson Patrick Harbinson February 18, 2013
5 5 "The Clipper" Michael Cuesta Patrick Harbinson February 25, 2013
6 6 "¡De nada!" Charles Haid Howard Gordon March 4, 2013
7 7 "Live Like a Lord" Scott Winant Barbara Hall March 11, 2013
8 8 "The Easy Route" Michael Cuesta Alex Gansa March 18, 2013